What Are They

Tiny Scanner

A time-proved scanner machine that scans everything but just stays on your phone right in your pocket!

Tiny Fax

With Tiny Fax, you can fax documents, photos, receipts, etc. anywhere from your iPhone or iPad.

Tiny Invoice

Tiny Invoice is a perfect on-the-go invoicing solution and replacement of paperwork for small businesses.

Invoice Clip

A quick but powerful invoice generator. Much fewer steps are needed to follow than in almost all other similar apps.

Users All Over The World

Users from different countries

Our users, from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc., actively allow Tiny Series apps to empower their daily working experience with elegant designs and intuitive charts or reports. Tiny Series apps are widely known and highly rated all over the world.

United States

United Kingdom



Secure And Private

We believe that protecting users’ privacy is the very bottom line every app and its company should never cross. So there’s not any possibility that we sell or unlawfully share your personal data with third parties, in the past, present, and future. They’re legally stored on third-party servers and storages only when essentially necessary for the app to function as expected.

Also, Tiny Series apps are fully GDPR compliant.

Voice From You

Tiny Scanner

Use the app almost every day in my work. Really a lifesaver since my district's transition to Distance Learning.

Tiny Fax

This app has proven absolutely invaluable to me in the handling of forms from my lawyers to my doctors during my disability evaluations.

Tiny Invoice

I originally started using it about 5 years ago and I hope to be using Tiny Invoice for many years to come! AAA+++

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